lip cancer pictures

Mouth Cancer Pic

Pictures Of Early Lip Cancer
Pictures Of Early Lip Cancer

Mouth Cancer Symptoms Photos Small
Pictures Of Oral Mouth Cancer
Pictures Of Oral Mouth Cancer

Chewing Tobacco Mouth Cancer Pictures Small
Cancer In Mouth
Cancer In Mouth

Mouth Cancer Image Small

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Mouth Cancer Chewing Tobacco Pictures
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The Guy says:

@ Felicia. I'd hope it was Oral Cancer if I was you, at least there is a chance you can cure that. Cold sores are Herpes, That shit is forever.

lorna says:

how shocking!!!! am i glad i gave up smoking all 13yrs ago i wish i had done it sooner. thank you for these pictures i hope this will give smokers food for thought.

donna russo says:

i belive i have this,,no dr.. has helped me in one year,,, how can i get help it hurts

brian says:

What to do???

marie duffy says:

I am worried I have a lip cancer how can it be treated?

gdog says:


Scicere Reid says:

Lip cancer pictures and vaginal cancer pictures are sickning to see. Especially Vaginal cancer. Please don't look at it.

Felicia Deere says:

Hi, I have something thing on my lip. That looks similar to these pictures, but how do i know whether or not it is just a cold sore, or its lip cancer?

kamryne says:

how do you get lip cancer

Joey Abbott says:

Thank you for your site on lip cancer, a young man who works for me, has big sores on his bottom lip, and we think it is cancer, the doctors are not sure yet what it is.

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